Though this isn’t Frederick’s first foray into fashion (he was the Anderson of Anderson and Hannant years ago) this is his first endeavor under his own eponymous brand.

Frederick has impeccable taste. He designs sophisticated clothing for sophisticated women. It takes a lot of courage and determination to launch a designer brand in the middle of a pandemic. Frederick certainly has both and his clothing reflects this.

His woman is confident. She’s a traveler not a homebody. And she appreciates elegant and luxurious clothing. Singular and independent, his strong silhouettes using knits, tweeds, lace and brocades are both sexy and modern. It’s obvious he has an experienced hand and a clear vision of his woman.

I’m anxious to see what Frederick does next. I know what he’s capable of. No gimmicks. No  gratuitous embellishments. Just elegance and a little sharper tailoring. I hope his flawless taste and eye for beauty take precedence over the impulse towards thinking more is better. With a designer of his talents, less is exponentially better.

Frederick Anderson is one to watch.


This fashion week isn’t my first time seeing Aknvas and its founder and designer, Christian Juul Nielsen. I’ve been an admirer from afar. But now it’s time to bring him into the spotlight. It’s a pleasure to see a collection of exceptionally well designed clothing for daytime. Christian designs clothing that can actually be worn! I’m not being sarcastic or critical of anyone in particular when I say this. But it’s a pleasure to see interesting shapes and cuts that aren’t eccentric or overt. His designs are very angular and geometric, but not harshly so. They flatter rather than accentuate. His skills extend to multiple categories, from knitwear to wovens, outerwear, dresses and both men’s and women’s options. Using bold colors and creative knitwear styles, he appeals to a consumer who understands the subtlety of good design.

Christian’s pedigree is rich. He worked at Dior, Nina Ricci, Herve Leger and Oscar de la Renta prior to branching off on his own. He named his company Aknvas because it means canvas in English, and Christian thinks of the world as a canvas upon which he can present his ideas and dreams. His color sense is particularly strong and he utilizes it deftly in all of his styles. Many of the items are genderless and easily transition between body types and sexual identities. He’s building a brand that can easily become the mainstay of a person’s daytime wardrobe. It’s refreshing to see such clean and sharp designs in today’s world of over-the-top, often overtly sexualized or over-designed collections.

Aknvas is one to watch. I am confident that we’ll be seeing much more of him soon.