Andrew Burnstine / Judith Burnstine

Natural Hair and Skin Care

“Simple ingredients. Simply Natural. Simply you.”— JCB After total frustration with chemical treatment damage with my own hair, (dealing with split ends, stagnant growth, breakage, and severe heat tools styling damage for a long time), I made a decision to completely change the way I cared for myself.

I embarked on a holistic journey. This journey prompted extensive research about the hair care, skin care, and cosmetic industry. I collected all the hair products in my bathroom, and searched the ingredients for side effects.

What I found was horrific! The ingredients in these popular products were considered carcinogens, and could have permanent damaging effects not only to your hair, but to your health. I then started experimenting with homemade natural ingredients hair/facial homemade treatments. I was determined to find natural alternatives to damaging silicone derived conditioners, keratins that contained formaldehyde and lye containing relaxers.

I refused to use chemical containing products for skincare, haircare, or cosmetics anymore. After experimenting with natural ingredients such as: Pure manuka honey, pure aloe jelly, cacao extract, caviar extract, and pumpkin on my skin, I saw great results. Then Natural was born!

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