Vanessa Guckel

Contemporary Womenswear Collection

We are a transparent and real women brand on a mission to empower and lift up our community.

CIHUAH means “women” in Nahuatl and pays tribute to indigenous Mexican women, their culture and traditions.

The brand is inspired by the basic and sacred geometric patterns of indigenous Mexican clothing while creating a contemporary look.

CIHUAH provides new basic items, iconic pieces, reinvented classics and trend items. All garments are a sophisticated vision in white and black, designed with an attention to the straight line like an exercise of confrontation between the line and the human figure. Architectural theory and techniques are applied, on a small scale, to each garment, using: geometry, proportion, aesthetics, construction-deconstruction, symmetry-asymmetry, balance-imbalance.

CIHUAH’s ambition is to propose a new way of living the human body, approaching fashion design with architectural elements, to design and create different garments.