Alison Hoenes

Freelance, Women’s Pattern Maker & Service Consultant

Alison Hoenes is a freelance patternmaker helping women’s fashion brands navigate product development without the technical hassle. She helps her clients go from having a sketch to having production-ready patterns and all the technical assets a factory needs for production. This allows brands to keep control of the end result while spending their time on the creative side of their business.

I’m offering a FREE Fabric & Design Consultation ($199 value) to the first 5 people who mention the FGI Holiday Marketplace when they schedule their consultation!

If you have a design in mind, but aren’t sure what fabric will meet your vision or how to describe it, then this consultation is for you. Fabric choice has a profound impact on the look and fit of the final product. During the Fabric & Design Consultation, we’ll go over your design, the desired look you want to achieve, and who it’s for. Then I’ll suggest some fabrics and qualities that will yield just that. You’ll take away a reference sheet listing the materials specific to your design as well as key search terms you can use to find it.

For more details and to book your spot, visit