Student Member Qualifications

Student Membership is open to students who have completed at least twenty-four credit hours; primarily sophomores, juniors and / or seniors. The student member must be in good standing at their accredited institution and is required to carry at least 12 credits a semester. A student member must obtain two faculty recommendations or reference letters (see attached). Lastly, only 5 Student Members per revolving calendar year are allowed per region and should your application be above that allotment your application will be returned along with your membership fee and the date in which you might reconsider Student Membership.

Membership as a student does not grant voting status or constitute eligibility for future Executive Membership within The Fashion Group International, Inc.

Student Member Benefits

Student Members will be able to attend any program (Communiqué, Panel Discussions, Virtual Events and Open Forums) at the discounted “Student Rate” that is published on media invitations as well as online. All events (Scholarship Competition, Rising Star Awards, and Night of Stars Gala) are priced as posted. Additionally, students will receive FGI NYC vital communications as well as regional, based on closes FGI chapter.

Student Membership Application

Student Membership becomes effective after approval of application by the FGI NY Membership Office and is good for one calendar year from approval date. For this application to be considered valid, the initial Student Membership fee of $50 and must accompany this form as well as the application being signed in the appropriate place by both the applicant and their provided references.

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  • I understand that my student membership becomes effective upon approval and is good for one calendar year from approval date.

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  • Upon approval, you will be contacted by the Regional Membership Chair for opportunities for volunteering at events.

  • Letter of Recommendation

    Please upload your letters of recommendation in PDF, DOC or DOCX file format
  • Download letter of recommendation template here:

  • Accepted file formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX. Max. file size 1 MB
  • Accepted file formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX. Max. file size 1 MB