FGI Celebrates PRIDE at Arcadia Earth Museum

Arcadia Earth 486 Front Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Join us for an incredible evening of FGI Toronto PRIDE programming, networking and immersive access to the Arcadia Earth museum, in downtown Toronto. Your Evening's Ticket Includes: Arcadia Earth museum admission (valued at $40 CAD) 7pm Networking - Enjoy food and beverages as you connect, network and engaged in the multi-sensory ambiance. Get your picture taken in our sponsored photo-booth and laugh with friends and community. We are proud to share that this is FGI Toronto's first sober friendly event, with non-alcoholic beverages and low waste catering ready to greet you! 7:30pm Panel - Join host, journalist Hillary LeBlanc, as she speaks with Shaun Mascarenhas (designer of Demascare) , accessories designer Alysia Myette and creative Andrea LaLonde about art, fashion and how queer identity and sustainability intersect. 8:30pm-9:30pm Museum Access - Explore the Arcadia Earth exhibits and experience all the museum has to offer with large-scale multi-sensory journeys through underwater worlds, fantasy lands, and inspirational art installations designed to reimagine the way we address the most pressing environmental issues of our time.Each exhibition is brought to life through immersive technology, animated by augmented reality, virtual reality, projection mapping, and interactive environments where visitors will learn how their small lifestyle changes will impact the future of our planet. We can't wait to see you, Happy PRIDE everyone. For questions & inquiries please email: fgitoronto@gmail.com. Sponsored By Arcadia Earth Flow Water Hidden Smirk Yun Hanmin Honey Soul Food

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