Zac Posen photo by e.bruce borner (c) 2005Q:  In these last days following Fashion Week, what’s your state of mind and what are you thinking about?
A:  I am very proud of my whole team and company and am getting ready for our next collection.

Q: How important is social media to your business: are you everywhere – bricks and mortar, e-commerce, TV, Twitter and Facebook, 24/7, and are you live streaming your show?
A: I still believe that a show and it’s movement needs to be seen in person. In terms of social media – I love interacting with twitter and including people in my world.

Q: Given the current economic picture, how confident are you about the spring season?
A: Very.  I have found my own rhythm and my own voice.  I believe imagination, quality, and integrity will always prevail.

Q: What do you think consumers will be looking for come spring?
A:  Unique New York investment pieces.

Q: Studies show that brands must create an emotional connection with consumers through a compelling story.  Do you think you accomplished that with your brand and, if so, how?
A:  Absolutely.  There are only a few story lines in life. I started young and took the right risks – because of that, I have now found myself.

Q: Research also indicates that consumers have transitioned from conformity – embracing whatever trend is hot – to customization; something special for them.  Is this true of your end-user and, if so, how do you accommodate that customer?
A: Yes, I live this every day by creating one-of-a-kind pieces for the most magical moments in a  women’s life.

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