1. In these last days prior to Fashion Week, what’s your state of mind and what are you thinking about?


Fairly calm, often mulling over the hysteria that fashion week generates.


2. How important is social media to your business: are you everywhere – bricks-and-mortar, e-commerce, TV, Twitter and Facebook, 24/7, and are you live streaming your show?


Yes everywhere except live streaming which we tried out for Fall 2011 but did not re pursue.


3. Given the current economic picture, how confident are you about the spring season?


I am focused on what women want and need. Hope I got it right.


4. What do you think consumers will be looking for come spring?


Value, which translates into well designed clothes that are efficient, muti functional and not fussy.


5. Do you agree with the concept of buy now/wear? And, if so, what can be done to better facilitate that timing?


 In my retail boutique which was established barely a year ago in the Garment District, we offer clothes for The Fifth

Season,  a term coined by the late Richard Martin to describe the clothes I design.


6. Studies show that brands must create an emotional connection with consumers through a compelling story. Do you think you accomplish that with your brand and, if so, how?


The store offers an authentic shopping experience; the clothes are locally made and the factories are right down the street. 


7. Research also indicate that consumers have transitioned from conformity – embracing whatever trend is hot – to customization; something special for them. Is this true of your end-user and, if so, how do you accommodate that customer?


We offer a product that is consistent and we customize to fit.


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