Stand Hotel Highline Room, September 9th, 2011 at 10:30am

In these last days prior to Fashion Week, what’s your state of mind and what are you thinking about?
I am very focused. Most of all on finishing the collection and that it looks as I envisioned it in the beginning of the process. That is what I have to constantly remind myself of because there are a million things happening at the same time, it is about the clothes.


How important is social media to your business: are you everywhere – brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, TV, Twitter and Facebook, 24/7, and are you live streaming your show?
Social media is super important to my business. Being such a small company and having no budget for advertising, social media gives me the opportunity to reach people that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. It is an amazing tool to be in constant communication with people not only from the media but retailers, peers, clients and potential customers.


Given the current economic picture, how confident are you about the spring season?
I strive every day to give my customer a quality product every time, regardless of the circumstances.  I think that as a designer, working at such a fast pace you learn how to adjust to every possible situation. As a company we are preparing as much as we can to face every challenge.


What do you think consumers will be looking for come spring?
Statement pieces that are also wearable.


Do you agree with the concept of buy now/wear? And, if so, what can be done to better facilitate that timing?
I agree with the concept and it would be amazing to be able to have a faster turnaround time but unfortunately there are established time frames like market week with retailers, production deadlines, etc. that make it harder for the clothes to get to the stores as fast as they do. And especially as a young brand, sometimes factories put you on the wait list behind bigger clients.


Studies show that brands must create an emotional connection with consumers through a compelling story. Do you think you accomplish that with your brand and, if so, how?
I believe we have been able to accomplish an emotional connection with our costumer by sharing with them my story, design process, my inspiration every season and the artistic methods I use in print, texture, shape, color, etc. I believe that by walking them through the process they can understand how each thing was made and feel as they were part of it.


Research also indicates that consumers have transitioned from conformity – embracing whatever trend is hot – to customization; something special for them. Is this true of your end-user and, if so, how do you accommodate that customer?
Ultimate customization would mean couture and conformity is more in regards to fast fashion. I think that by now I know my customer enough so that I can give them a product that they are drawn to and look forward to wearing. I want to think I am in between. One way to give the customer more options is by offering styles in different colors. This can also be done with some stores by suggesting an exclusive style or color with each store so that the costumer of that particular store or area knows they are getting something very special and not found everywhere as easily. Another example would be to offer more separates; so that they can mix and match to their own liking.


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