Milk Studios, September 9th, 2011 at 6:00pm

In these last days prior to Fashion Week, what’s your state of mind and what are you thinking about?
My concern is to make sure collection is produced on time and with all the attention to detailing that is such an important part of my work. Also making sure that our presentation is a successful one. My Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund nomination has my full attention and I am giving it all the priority it deserves. This is such an incredible opportunity for me and my Brand and I will do whatever it takes to make this nomination a well-deserved one.

How important is social media to your business: are you everywhere – brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, TV, Twitter and Facebook, 24/7, and are you live streaming your show?
Social Media is an important aspect of my work and Brand…it is essential in building and maintaining a following. It is also an opportunity to share my experience with this audience. We are working towards accelerating and improving this process. We have no plans of live streaming the show but that would be an excellent idea.

Given the current economic picture, how confident are you about the spring season?
I am very confident about this coming Spring/Summer season. This is a great opportunity for us to break into new markets, and together with my commercial director, we are focusing on the US market….a slow and steady process.

What do you think consumers will be looking for come spring?
I believe that consumers today want quality and value for their dollar…… and innovative design that is versatile and long lasting.

Do you agree with the concept of buy now/wear? And, if so, what can be done to better facilitate that timing?
The concept of buy now, wear now is becoming increasingly relevant in retail today and special attention needs to be given to the assortment offered and deliveries. That being said I am also focusing on a market that looks to invest and is eager to buy new design at the very beginning of the season, hence it seems to me like a juggling act in being able to accommodate both aspects of consumer buying and behavior.

Studies show that brands must create an emotional connection with consumers through a compelling story. Do you think you accomplish that with your brand and, if so, how?
Yes I feel like the collection and clothing need to have character and substance, in the items themselves and collectively as a story. In essence when things are created from a context of truth and authenticity with true passion then the message carries through in the clothing, in the presentation…and ultimately to the consumer.

Research also indicates that consumers have transitioned from conformity – embracing whatever trend is hot – to customization; something special for them. Is this true of your end-user and, if so, how do you accommodate that customer?
This is completely true and a basic premise of our work. Customizing an order for a store or an individual on a bespoke basis is what we place our main focus on. This basic idea of customizing has been a focus of mine form the very beginning. The collection is a non-conforming one and this is a challenging but promising aspect of the collection, one that is becoming increasingly important to a new type of consumer.

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