I don’t know how to fully describe the phenomenon of LoveShackFancy. People are passionate about this brand. The presentation was teeming with women dressed head-to-toe in their clothing, dancing and partying with the models. From young girls to mature women, it brings smiles to their faces.

Though the company was founded in 2013, it has matured into a lifestyle brand in the past few years, adding category after category, opening store after store, all in the same spirit as the first collection of bridesmaids dresses the designer, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, began her design career with. And this is the magic that generates such ardent loyalty among their consumers; the story is thoroughly consistent, the customer is clear, the experience is primary and emotional. And this season is no exception. Rebecca told me that this time she wanted to bring her femininity to New York City life.

Romance is in the air. The brand delivers everything expected of it and more. Pastel colors, especially pinks, feminine trims and fabrics, vintage touches, easy silhouettes, and fluid dresses dominate. Accessories that all complement the LoveShackFancy vibe. For this company, the future is nothing but bright, both figuratively and literally. It’s just an extraordinarily happy brand of flower children and peace. From their perspective, life is good. This is the very special one to watch!


Studio 189 outdid itself this season. Prints galore. Vibrant colors. Mixed media. Print-on-print. Patchworks and stripes. Easy, unisex silhouettes. Some tailoring in the fabulous jackets but nothing too severe that could take away from the calm and casual vibe. The menswear was a standout this season. And that’s not to say the womenswear wasn’t. In fact the whole collection made me smile, with the flowing dresses and incredible prints. Such a joyful collection. And the show itself was an experience. Bravo to this team for creating such a unique show so full of passion and truth. One for everyone to watch.