Masha Titievsky DeHaan

Contemporary Womenswear Collection

VARYFORM is a contemporary womenswear line designed by Masha Titievsky DeHaan in Chicago since 2015. VARYFORM expresses change over time & the transformative nature of clothing.

For driven women who are showing up for themselves every day, VARYFORM provides stand-out staple pieces with high style & flair because women should look as fabulous as they want to feel.

VARYFORM design combines natural design elements with a sense of glamour and sophistication to create made-to-order garments and limited run designs. VARYFORM has been recognized by Elle Magazine’s Nina Garcia for her signature wool crepe separates and has been printed in TATLER Magazine, British Vogue, Vanity Fair UK, and Elle UK.

PROMOCODE: FGI-FRIEND-25 for 25% off orders on If there is a style by VARYFORM sold via, please contact Masha directly by emailing to inquire about the latest discounts.